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September 28, 201801:03 PM
If you've been subjected to discrimination in the workplace as a result of a disability, you could be entitled to f…
August 17, 201809:57 AM
Despite an increasing improvement in workplace gender equality, discrimination on the basis of gender continues to…
July 25, 201810:20 AM
No worker should ever have to face abuse in the workplace. With the help of a skilled lawyer, many victims of this…
June 26, 201801:55 PM
Whistleblowing is essential for holding corporations or government entities accountable for their wrongdoings. If y…
May 2, 201802:31 PM
It is unacceptable for employers to deny equal pay on the basis of race, gender, disability, or any other bias. If…
April 13, 201809:45 AM
If you were brave enough to come forward and point out wrongdoing on the part of an authority figure, you deserve r…
March 27, 201811:43 PM
Unequal pay in the workforce is an unfortunate reality that many hardworking employees across the nation deal with.…
February 26, 201802:49 PM
Everyone deserves a safe working environment. If discrimination based on age is being encouraged or is not being pr…
February 1, 201804:34 PM
If you've been denied fair wages in the central Texas area, contact our legal team at (512) 330-0017 and learn more…
November 17, 201702:03 PM
Learn more about whistleblowing, your legal protections, and how we may be able to help, here:…
October 30, 201702:33 PM
September 18, 201701:41 PM
Do you want to do something about a hostile work environment? Contact Melton Law Firm today at (512) 330-0017.…
June 26, 201712:13 PM
The Melton Law Firm helps to hold employers accountable for discriminating against employees for religious beliefs.…
June 26, 201711:53 AM
Learn how equal pay in the workplace benefits man and women, here:
April 19, 201712:09 PM
Read our blog about a security guard who fell victim to wrongful termination:
April 5, 201712:41 PM
Yesterday was national equal pay day! If you do your job well, you deserve nothing less than equal pay.…
March 22, 201712:13 PM
March 6, 201703:20 PM
John Melton is a dedicated lawyer who wants to fight for your legal rights.

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February 20, 201703:39 PM
No one should be fired from there job because of discrimination.
February 10, 201710:49 AM
Your boss needs a valid reason to fire you. Call (512) 330-0017 today. Or visit, here:
January 31, 201712:59 PM
December 7, 201611:06 AM
Our firm knows how to handle any minimum wage violation that an employer may be enforcing. Read more, here:…
November 29, 201602:08 PM
Car dealerships are required to adhere to many major employment laws. If your rights have been violated, click here…
November 22, 201609:04 AM
You should have the right to feel comfortable in your own work place.
November 14, 201612:10 PM
To find the answer to this frequently asked question, click here:
November 7, 201604:22 PM
Are you currently involved in a wage or overtime dispute with your employer? We may be able to help. Details, here:…
October 26, 201608:34 AM
Read through our website to learn more about what The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is.…
October 21, 201612:02 PM
Find the answer to this frequently asked question, here:
October 11, 201611:15 AM

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2705 Bee Cave Rd, #220
Austin, TX 78746

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